9:45 AM East Coast RC Hogsheads Arjune/Sew
1:30 PM Masters West Coast Hogsheads Abu/Sham

2018 Spring Competition Sponsors

The President and Executives of the OSCL wishes to take the opportunity of expressing our most sincere thanks to each and every one who magnanimously sponsored the awards & trophies for the spring 2018 competition. Your donation will undoubtedly contribute to a higher standard of play as players covet the trophies. There are opportunities still available for individuals or businesses wishing to donate or contribute for raffle prizes.

The OSCL wishes to request the presence of all our sponsors at the finals on Sunday May 6, 2018 at Hogshead Park, so that you can participate and honor us with the presentation of the trophies to the individuals and winning teams. Again, we look forward to your presence, and thank you to everyone for your continued support to OSCL.

Premier Division - Sponsors

Triple J Enterprise (Shahab)

Solomon Auto Body & Auto Sale (Ali)

Main Street Collision (Teeka)

Kharissa Trucking & Kamielia Cares (Plantin)

Will & Mike Trucking (Zac)

K & M USA Enterprise (Mahendra Sahadeo)

Rum Jungle/Annie's Restaurant & Bar (Ronnie)

Division 1 - Sponsors

Red's Auto

Regency Paint & Body Shop

Sunshine Painting & Remodeling (Steve Sarju)

Central Hauling & Excavating /Central Crusher, LLC (Herb)

V & V Auto Customizing (Varone)

Mike Nath Air Services (RC)

Ravi & Son Welding Service (RC)

Aftab Trucking (Shafiek)

Nari Sooklall (RC)


OSCL's 2018 spring competition is nearing its finale´ with the completion of the regular season and commencement of the play offs. It was undoubtedly an action-packed and memorable season with six (6) teams in Premier division and eleven (11) teams in Division-1 competing for the coveted division championship.

Our congratulations to Lions CC (Premier Division) and Royal Challengers (Division- 1) on achieving in the regular season, first place resulting in them achieving the division championship. Our best wishes to you and all the teams for your success in the playoffs. 

Our congratulations also to Amarnauth Behari (Premier division) on achieving the most runs, most wickets and the best all-rounder in the regular season. Congratulations also to (Division-1) DanielSadeo most runs, Naseer Khan most wickets and Terrence Sookdeo best all-rounder.

Congratulations to all teams making the playoffs and good luck.

Special thanks to all of the teams for great sportsmanship and dedication to making OSCL's Spring competition a success.

“United We Play”


“United We Achieve”


Good Luck to All and All the Best. Enjoy!


The OSCL wishes to advise that despite the delay in receiving stats from all teams, we were able to bring the information current. We wish to reiterate and emphasize the importance of having in our possession all relevant information in a timely manner, in order to ensure the accuracy of the final release. The published current information should be checked and verified for accuracy and any discrepancies should be advised as soon as possible.

Upcoming Events

  • NY Super 45 Masters Softball Tournament
    May 25 - 27, 2018
  • Independence Cup (New York)
    June 29 - July 1, 2018
  • Essequibo Tournament
    October 20 & 21, 2018
  • Berbice Tournament
    October 24, 2018
  • Guyana Softball Cup 8"
    October 26 - 28th 2018
Orlando Cup 2 Tournament

The Orlando Softball Cricket League is honored and elated to offer our congratulations and thank you to all the teams and participants in the Orlando Cup 2 tournament that concluded Sunday March 18th, 2018. This event not only highlighted the winners and second best, but demonstrated the sportsmanship and the sense of commitment, togetherness and comradely that was the hallmark of the tournament. These virtues that will remain evergreen in our memories were only made possible with your cooperation, efforts and a spirit of competitive enterprise that engulfed the nostalgic atmosphere of the event.

The President and Executives of the OSCL was honored to be given the opportunity to be the host of this event. This was because of the confidence and trust you placed in us for which we are thankful and gratified. We can only look forward to your future cooperation so that the impetus and the new energized spirit achieved will redound to our benefit in the future.

We wish every team success and the very best of luck in their endeavors.

Congratulations to the winners, Regal Warriors All Star team for winning in their division, Guyana Floodlight Masters and also to OSCL Legends for being victorious in their division!

Thank You

Orlando Cup 2 Winners

Regal Warriors

Guyana Floodlights Masters

OSCL Legends

Orlando Cup 2 Sponsors

The OSCL takes this opportunity of expressing our deep and profound thanks and gratitude to all our supporters and friends who magnanimously donated to the Orlando cup 2 tournament March 16-18, 2018. Your generosity and love for the game certainly reverberated and redounded to the envisaged success we achieved. There is no doubt that the gathering of many teams in the cricketing fraternity brought together experienced a new sense of unification that will endure, as we continue to promote the sport that will develop the young, enhance their minds in a competitive environment that will be beneficial in the societies we live. This could not have been possible without your foresight, initiative and your invaluable assistance and donation which we are sure will be rewarded with every success of the participants.

It is a distinct honor and privilege for the OSCL to express our thanks to you and your families and wish you every success in your business and future undertakings.

  • Neville & Son's Trucking
  • Window mania Inc. - Wayne
  • Premier Internal Medicine of Ocoee - Dr. Khan
  • Ramdial Dass
  • GAC Imports - Tony Kissoon
  • K Performance - Navin Kumar
  • Edward Persaud
  • Regency Paint & Body Shop
  • Sherwin Williams
  • G & V Excavating - Bertie
  • Universal Realty
  • Fish World
  • Main Street Collision - Teeka
  • FasTax
  • 360 Halal
  • Regency Paint & Body
  • Ramo Shiwbarran
  • Maq-TV
  • Ramzan Roshanali-Guyana Consulate
  • Bo Bharassay
  • Rockaway Roti Shop-Hafeez Ali
  • Timehri's Restaurant & Bar
  • Liberty Homes Sales Inc. - Ramko
  • Good Homes Pharmacy
  • Vish Singh Home & Construction
  • Big G Auto Repair Inc. - New York 
  • V&G Auto Repair - New York
  • First Equity Mortgage Corporation - New York
  • Winter Park Care & Rehab Center
  • Nandkishore Phanisnarine
  • Mark Gajraj
  • Rum Jungle & Annie's Roti Shop - Ronnie
  • Central Hauling - Herb
  • Adam Dental & Vision Ameri Plan USA
  • Flagler Insurance - Raj
  • Raj Travel Service Cruses & Tours
  • Asha's Jewelry Sari House & Pooja Center
  • Sunrise Hauling - Dave
  • Triple J Enterprise - Shahab
  • Mustang reloaded
  • Equals 1
  • Equals 2
  • West Side
  • Sip & Chat Restaurant
  • Kenneth Sadeo
  • Dee Kooma & Family
2017 Trophy Sponsors
  • Neville & Son'S Trucking
  • Vish Singh's Construction
  • Tri State Courier Inc
  • Unique Painting & Remodeling
  • Sunrise Hauling & Excavating
  • Main Street Collision
  • New Liberty Concept.LLC Broker
  • Windowmania Inc - Wayne
  • Bharosay & Company LLC - BO
  • Regency Paint & Body Shop
  • Exclusive Auto Body
  • Kharissa Trucking
  • Red's Auto
  • GAC Import (Tony K)
  • Timehri Restaurant & Bar
  • Reggie Construction
  • Aftab trucking
  • Ben Persaud NY -B1/2 of MastersC.C
  • Sip 'N' Chat Restaurand & Lounge
  • Triple J Enterprise - Shahab
  • Sanjay Trucking
  • Raj Travel Services
  • Prince Sattaur -King Cobra
  • Performance Radiator -Dave Singh
  • Central Hauling - Herbe
  • Mahemdra Sahadeo - Mamoo
  • Mike Singh - (Caribbean)
  • Grizzlies Team
  • Scorpion Sounds -DJ Gavin (Caribbean)
  • Ivan Ramphal (Sequel)
  • Mark Gajraj
Orlando Cup 2 Sponsors

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Orlando Cup 2

The Orlando Softball Cricket League are exceptionally grateful to our members and corporate sponsors for your generous donations and continuous support. As we continue to grow as a league, please know that our partnerships with our sponsors are vital to our success. Opportunities for individuals or businesses wishing to donate or sponsor is still available, ( Again, we wish to extend our thanks for your continued support. Your donations and sponsorship will go a long way, Once again, thanks.


  • Neville & Son's Trucking
  • Windowmania Inc. (Wayne RC)
  • Sunrise Hauling & Excavating
  • Regency Paint & Body Shop

Donation by Team Members

  • Mustang Reloaded (20 Cases Water}
  • Equals (20 Cases Water)
  • Equals 2 (20 Cases Water)
  • West Side (20 Cases Water)
  • Vish Homes (Chicken 3 - days)
  • Dee Kooma (10 Trays Rice -Friday)
  • Nankishore P ($200.00 towards cooking food –Friday)
  • Kenneth Sadeo (20 cases of water)
  • Sip and Chat Restaurant (20 cases of water)
Schedule Update
The full schedule is complete. Click here to download a copy.

  • Jai Baijnauth – 407-403-3171
  • Daniel Sadeo – 321-388-2499
  • Tom Bacchus – 407-492-2615
  • Shavesh Sarran – 347-206-3893
  • Leema Jiawan - 407-516-4941