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06.25.17 | Eid al-Fitr
EID Update

Eid Mubarak to all the Muslim brothers and sisters. May Allah (SWT) accept our month of fasting and prayer, and forgive us for all of our sins. May he guide us to the hereafter and continue to shower us with his blessings.

Stats Update

The stats for week 3 have been updated.

Round 3 Summary

Lions (168/5) v King Cobra (164/10) - Lions roar past King Cobra in a close contest at Animal Kingdom. (KCO) Ryan Jaisingh's 47 and (KCO) Anthony Somwaru's 3 wickets was out done by (LIO) Ganesh (Speedy) Chattergoon's 40, (LIO) Parsam Rajaram's 30 and (LIO) Mike Sewsankar's 3 wickets.

Sunrise (60/1) v Main Street (174/7) - Sunrise and Main Street hoped for some sun, but the rain got the best of their game before Sunrise was able to bat out 13 overs. Points had to be split. (MST) Jainarine (Jai) Baijnauth's 37, (MST) Charlie Bisram's 33 and (MST) Rishinan (Rick) Rahaman's 32 helped amass a daunting total despite (SUN) Ronald Bire's 3 wickets. Moreover, Sunrise wasn't given enough time to reply as (SUN) Reds Pertab was left stranded on 30*. I think he's still at the ground right now.

Tridents (142/4) v Silver Star (139/5) - (SST) Sunil Sookram disturbed 3 sets of stumps, (SST) Robert Persaud contributed 42 and (SST) Ravi Manohar's 46 runs equalled how many runs he gave away in his bowling as (TRI) Abu Mohammed's 79 earned him a gold star against Silver Star.

West Coast (152/10) v Equals (131/10) - West Coast was greater than Equals on Sunday's epic contest for battle of the league title. (WCO) Terrence (Mr. Consistent) Sukhu belted 50 runs alongside (WCO) Aleem Khan who donated 40 runs to the I'll Take Week 3's Title cause. Both skipper (WCO) Shasre Persaud and old-timer (WCO) Zaheer Majeed moved over 3 people's furniture with all star (EQU) Rookesh (Bull) Mahase's 4 wickets going in vain. P.S. That's for taking my wicket last week boy. #Karma :)

Caribbean (110/10) v Masters (110/3) - Everyone from Caribbean chipped in with OSCL El Presidente (CAR) Hakim (Tom) Bacchus claiming 3 victims in his alotted overs. Masters' (MAS) Brandon Parsram opened the bowling and claimed 3 victims himself and Troy Farnell steadied the innings for a smooth run chase.

Blazers (39/5) v Equals II (38/10) - Blazers bun Equals II as they lost 7 wickets for 4 runs and got bowled out for a measely 38. (BLA) Ryan (War Tank) Adam's 4 wickets left Equals II in shambles, but Equals II answered back nicely by claiming 5 Blazer wickets. Bun dem!

Grizzlies (Forfeit) v Royal Challengers - Grizzlies went into hibernation and left Royal Challengers with no challenge, just feeling royal.

Mustangs Reloaded (97/9) v East Coast (122/10) - (MRE) Sunil Bhagwandas bagged 4 East Coasters including MOTM (ECO) Shavesh Sarran who made 34 and watched his team from the non-striker's side drop like piping hot aloo. East Coast managed to defend their sub-par total with some all-round, tight bowling as 4 of its bowler's picked up 2 wickets a piece.

Sixers (Bye) - Show some love for my beloved Sixers who continue to hold up the rear after their bye. The best 2 points ever!

Schedule Update
The full schedule is complete. Click here to download a copy.
2017 Summer Competition
Orlando Softball Cricket League take this opportunity of extending a heartfelt welcome to all the teams who will be participating in the OSCL 2017 Summer Competition. We would also like to welcome to the portfolio new teams, namely Equals II C.C., Lions C.C., Masters C.C., Mustangs Reloaded C.C., Royal Challengers C.C., Tridents C.C. & Sunrise C.C.. The OSCL 2017 Summer Competition commencement date will be May 21st, 2017. Moreover, for us to maintain an equal playing field, ensure discipline and coordination is maintained that will be beneficial to all, we ask everyone to strictly adhere to the following rules:
  • Registration limit per team is 20 players, 17 adults 19 years and older + 3 youths under the age of 19.
  • Registration closes on Monday, June 26, 2017 at midnight.
  • All teams are required to submit their full registration list with correct first and last name of every player on their team to and
  • A player shall play a minimum of 3 games to qualify for the playoffs.
  • No double dipping with any other softball cricket league in central Florida.
The 17 teams that have confirmed for the upcoming Summer competition are as follows:
  1. (BLA) Blazers
  2. (CAR) Caribbean
  3. (ECO) East Coast
  4. (EQU) Equals
  5. (EQ2) Equals II
  6. (GRI) Grizzlies
  7. (KCO) King Cobra
  8. (LIO) Lions
  9. (MST) Main Street
  10. (MAS) Masters
  11. (MRE) Mustangs Reloaded
  12. (RCH) Royal Challengers
  13. (SST) Silver Star
  14. (SIX) Sixers
  15. (SUN) Sunrise
  16. (TRI) Tridents
  17. (WCO) West Coast
  1. 07/15/17 - 2017 Spring Award/Raffle
  2. 07/29/17 - Domino Competition/Raffle #2
  3. 08/26/17 - Bus Trip/Raffle {Hard Rock} #1
  4. 09/16/17 - Domino Competition/Raffle #3
  5. 10/14/17 - Bus Trip/Raffle {Hard Rock} #2
  6. 11/19/17 - Summer-Fall FINALS/Raffle
  7. 12/16/17 - Summer-Fall AWARD/Raffle
  8. 12/03/17 - Inter-County 10/10
  9. 12/10/17 - Inter-County 10/10
  10. 01/06/18 - AGM
  1. Sunrise Hauling & Excavating Inc
  2. Main Street Collision
  3. Tristate Courier
  4. Triple J Enterprise {Shahab}
  5. Vish Singh's Construction
  6. Universal Painting & Construction {Dado}
  7. Regency Paint & Body Shop