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01.21.18 - Round 2
9:00 AM Lions Masters Hogshead 4 Abu
9:00 AM East Coast Sunrise Hogshead 3 Sham
9:00 AM Tridents West Coast Hogshead 2 Arjune
10:00 AM Westside Caribbean Hogshead 1 Joe
11:00 AM Ocala Mustangs Reloaded Ocala TBD
1:00 PM Grizzlies Sixers Hogshead 4 Frank
1:00 PM Blazers Equals Hogshead 3 Sham
1:00 PM Royal Challengers Main Street Hogshead 2 Arjune
Equals 2 Bye

Memorial Tournament

In memory of Kenrick Pathan (Fish)

It has been a year since the cricketing fraternity lost a great an indomitable personality, Fish.

Fish has been a great supporter of the softball cricket and worked tirelessly in the games promotion and expansion. His invaluable contributions will surely live on in our memory and all who knew him will continue to revere his memory. Accordingly the Equals CC will be hosting a memorial game for Fish on

Date: Saturday January 20 2018

Time: 11.00AM.

Venue: Hogshead Park

We wish to extend an invitation to all to attend and participate in an event that will certainly memorialize the presence of Fish in our lives and will undoubtedly be of comfort to his family knowing that his life was meaningful to so many.

Orlando Cup

Announcing Orlando Cup 2 Tournament

The Orlando Softball Cricket League (OSCL) is excited to bring the Orlando Cup 2 Tournament.  All softball Cricket leagues or organizations are invited to participate.

The tournament will commence on Friday, March 16 through Sunday, March 18, 2018.

  • All Star Open Teams (any age group)
  • Master All Star Teams (45 yrs. and over1973) (1 player- 44yr1974)
  • Master Legends All Star Teams (50 yrs. and over1968)( 1player-49yr1969)

The registration deadline fees are due January 25, 2018.

Confirmed Teams are as follows:

All-Star (Open)

  • Assassin (NY)
  • Ariel Speedboat (Guyana)
  • NYSCL (NY)
  • OSCL (Orlando)
  • Regal (Guyana)
  • Toronto
  • World Boss (NY)
  • Guyana All-Stars (NY)
  • Tri-State Warriors (NY) 

Masters Teams (Over 45)

  • Blitz Masters (NY)
  • Canada
  • Guyana Floodlights (1)
  • NY Hustlers Masters
  • OSCL (Orlando)
  • President X1 (NY)
  • Regal Master (Guyana)
  • Tri state Muslim (NY)
  • Tri-state Masters (NY)

 Legend Masters (Over 50)

  • Georgia Legend
  • Guyana Floodlights (Legends)
  • NY Masters Premier
  • OSCL (Orlando)
  • Royal Canadian
  • SSSCA (South Florida)

Ground #1 : 4339 HOGSHEAD RD, APOPKA, FL 32703

  1. 01/14/18 - Start of Spring 18 Season
  2. 03/16/18 - Orlando Cup